Thrown Out of Heaven Part 8
Thrown Out of Heaven

Part 8 thrown out of heaven stories

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Thrown Out of Heaven Part 8

Chapter 8

Many calls from parents had been coming in recently. Right now, I’m tutoring this little girl named Trinity. She’s going to 3rd grade in the fall. I check the time. “Trinity, it’s time to wrap up. Your parents will be here soon.” She nods, grabs her worksheets, and puts them in her bag. The door bell rings, and I open the door, Trinity rushing out to greet her parents. She waves to me and I

wave back. I shut the door, and flop down beside my bed on the mattress that I bought for tutoring. Another knock on the door. I open the door, and there stood my next tutoring case, Casper. Which is cool, since we’re in Casper, Wyoming. “Come in!” I say, and gesture inside. He waves goodbye to his parents, and hops into the apartment. I think I should spare you the

details, right? Anyways, we are taking a break at the halfway mark. I pour him a cup of orange juice, and he smiles gratefully. I sip some water, and ask, “So, how’s your classes?” He looks startled, and his smile drops. I’m guessing it’s a personal subject, or he’s not doing that well, hence the tutoring. He could be doing so well though, that people make fun of him. I pat his shoulder

and say, “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.” He nods, and we get back to work. After another hour, his parents pick him up and pays me $35. I thank them, and I shut the door. A few minutes later, a knock came. I speak out loud, “That’s weird. I have no more tutoring sessions.” I open the door anyway, and there stands Kat. “Hey Laila,” she smiles sheepishly.

hello! this chapter is shorter than usual, but i wanted to leave it on a cliffhanger oop...

and yes! i

and yes! i am

and yes! i am back!

if you have been wondering about my description...

yes, recently i have found out i am insomniac.

well, maybe not.

but most likely yes, since it’s self-diagnosable. and i have been experiencing the symptoms.

but you guys don’t need to worry about me. i am perfectly capable.

but you guys don’t need to worry about me. i am perfectly capable. (Kim looked over my shoulder and said, “sure you are.” D:< meanie)

anyways, i love you guys OwO

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