Thrown Out of Heaven Part 6
Thrown Out of Heaven

Part 6 thrown out of heaven stories

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Thrown Out of Heaven Part 6

Chapter 6

Today Rory wants me to meet Lilith. She gathers the whole gang, except for Naomi, Kai, and Kat since they’re dead, and we head to the mental ward, where apparently Lilith is at. I wonder why? I know they ran from killers and she turned over to the killer’s side, but why isn’t she in prison? We reach her cell, (cell, area?) and see her playing Animal Crossing. Another thing, how

come she gets to play Animal Crossing in a mental ward? Before I died I... I can’t remember. I try thinking about my past life, but my head starts hurting and I sit down on the floor, rubbing my temple. No one seems to notice, since they’re busy catching up with Lilith. The pain slowly declines. Lilith motions toward me and asks, “Who’s she?” Rory answers, “That’s Laila.

She used to be an angel up in heaven. She knows Kat, and has followed our adventures ever since they became friends up in heaven.” Lilith nods, but asks, “How come you’re down here then?” I scratch my neck and say sheepishly, “I threw a big party and received a lot of complaints.” Lilith smiles and says, “I think we’ll be great friends. I cause

a lot of commotion here too.” I grin back. Blair takes out her Nintendo Switch and shows me how it works. It’s kind of fascinating. Blair then gestures for me to take the Switch, but I shake my head. I don’t know how to use it, so I may break it accidentally. She gives me a weird look and shrugs, shows me the screen and continues playing. I’m a bit confused but, it’s entertaining. I think I could

use a little break from working. Tomorrow though, I will get back to work. It’s a Monday tomorrow after all.

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