Thrown Out of Heaven Part 5
Thrown Out of Heaven

Part 5 thrown out of heaven stories

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Thrown Out of Heaven Part 5

Chapter 5

Okay, I lied. I’m nowhere close to getting the apartment. I walk to Rory and Drew’s house, and knock on the door. Rory calls, “The door’s open!” I walk in. Rory is an architect-in-training, so she works at home for now. Drew is a engineer, so he’s not home at the moment. I close the door and lock it, then I walk to the guest bedroom. I calculate the numbers again, and I think I could move out of this place in a month, since I

would have made $3,060 by then, and there would be enough left over for food and some furniture. I doze off for a bit, helping Luna is tiring. ☁︎☀︎☀︎☁︎ I’ve been working for a week now, and I’ve made $85. I told Rory and Drew my plan, and they were also very surprised, but like I said, I’m used to it. I

haven’t bought anything yet, since I’m saving all my money up to move out as soon as I can. I believe I’m a burden to Rory and Drew. I do want to pay them back, but how? I have to decide how much I can spend though. The rent is $775, and I make around $3,060 a month. I search online, and it says a person my age would eat about a $142 amount per week, so that would equal about $20.3 a

day. Multiply by 30 days, 608.6. Subtract that and 775 from 3,060, I have $1,676.4 left. I can use that to buy something. (A.N. ~ leave some ideas, but make them reasonable, since she has a budget) OR I could, you know, be d the laws a bit and let them see Kat and speak to her. I don’t know yet. I think I should focus on moving out first. Then I focus on paying them back.

Sorry, I had writers block.

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