Thrown Out of Heaven Part 2
Thrown Out of Heaven

Part 2 thrown out of heaven stories

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Thrown Out of Heaven Part 2

Chapter 2

We split ways at the corner where Drew and Rory go one way, and Luna, Nico, Blair, and Micheal go the other. I follow Drew and Rory to their house, and Rory unlocks the door, and opens the door. “After you,” Drew jokes. I grin and say, “No, after you,” and then I bow. They smile back and enter their home, I follow right behind. I step through the doorway and

wow! The ceiling is so high and the chandelier is just beautiful! I’m in awe and Rory taps me on the shoulder and guides me to a room. I look at the posters on the wall and ask, “What is that? I never seen that before.” Drew says, “Oh yeah, you were probably born in a different time.” He explains to me what those posters mean and then says,

“This will be your temporary room.” I nod and thank them once again. I think I will have to get a job, or continue going to school. I should be starting high school now I think. I wonder if anything is different. I am very smart for my age though, since I continued learning when I was still in heaven. So I think I could go to college at least, or get a job that can pay well. I go to the

main room, that has a lot of couches, so I assume it’s the living room. I see Rory and Drew on these weird block things, and I ask, “What are you holding?” They look up and Rory says, “This is a iPhone, invented in 2007. It’s like your time’s cellphone.” I nod and say, “It looks much more simpler, it’s just a block.” Drew adds, “But it is a touch

screen.” I’m confused, and I ask, “What’s a touchscreen?” They look at each other and I knew at that moment, I had a lot more to learn that I expected.

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