sunflower vol 6
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sunflower vol 6

i look at you

you look at me

our eyes are filled

with ecstasy

i couldn't possibly

love you anymore than this

it feels like my heart

is going to burst when we kiss

the first day

we met

i saw you

and my mind reset

i couldn't speak

move, or feel

it was your heart

i wanted to steal

but what i didn't know

is that you fell too

we were oblivious

but we got through

we are now married

and i fall for you more

each and every single day

i feel, no. i know that i've scored

Credits: Author: @miso_ordered Inspirationist: @starry_nights Song: Sunflower Vol 6 by Harry Styles

i'm pretty happy with this one. i think i did good.

the song is amazing, it's very relaxing. i would 11/10 recommend, since it fits my taste more than Stressed Out. sorry!

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