Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 18
Abnormal Activities

Collaboration with @tofu_

Part 18 horror stories

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Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 18

Chapter 18

Kat’s POV I am furious! How dare they betray us! I had my suspicions, but I never thought they would be real. I thought I was hallucinating... Anyways, things might be harder now, since they were fighters. Like they said, they were perfect in every way. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. They were good, not as good as Blair though.

I am really surprised at Lilith though. She can hack? How come she never told us? And Luna. Luna picked that lock like a professional! I come out of my thoughts and got whacked in the face. I rub my cheek and glare at Drew. He smiles sheepishly and shrugs. I lunge at him and he dodges out of the way.

Lilith’s POV Well, now that the killers know that I can hack, they’re going to attack me without mercy. Oops. Anyways, Kai and Naomi probably told them just to get revenge on me for spilling their secret. It’s not MY fault they kept it a secret and I found out and accidentally told everyone in the group.

Well, I was lucky that they didn’t kill me when they bumped into me. Phew. I wonder how Naomi and Kai are doing right now. I hope they’re doing horribly. Suck it, traitors! Haha, enough of that goofing off. I need to get some food.

As I was walking towards the new convenience store newly made a few days ago, I kept to the bushes and disguised my scent by hanging with the ferns nearby. As I walked nimbly to the camp, food bulging inside my hoodie pocket, I saw a note stuck to a blade of grass. I recognized almost immediately that it was Naomi’s handwriting. Ugh,

those “angels”. Naomi’s note~ June 4th Why does Kai like to lie to the others? I mean, I hate it! But, Mom said to stick to each other, so I’m just sticking to the rules! Ha, get it? I hope they’re not mad at me when the others find out about it... ~ Naomi Kwan

I read the note, and instead of making me feel better about Naomi, it made me feel angrier. Next time I see them, I will obliterate them. In my mind. Peacefully. With no regrets whatsoever.

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