Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 16
Abnormal Activities

Collaboration with @tofu_

Part 16 horror stories

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Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 16

Chapter 16

Micheal’s POV Kai and Naomi has been acting weird ever since their short disappearance. I wonder what happened during those few minutes. I don’t believe much can happen in 30 minutes, much less 15. I don’t want to tell anyone yet though. We’ve been friends ever since we were born, and we tell each other everything. Well, not

everything. You know what I mean. If they are keeping something from me, I’m sure they’re doing it for a good reason. I’m also afraid that the group might kick us out if they know about my suspicions of Naomi and Kai. I just got settled in, and the others are warming up to me. T-T ~~~

Kat and Drew had discovered a new building that was locked. I wonder what’s in it. I hope it’s safe and not some secret hideout for the killers.

Lilith’s POV We split up into two groups. We decide to explore the new building and raid the farther convenience store or grocery store. I am in the group that is going to the building, with Kat trailing ahead of me, along with Blair, Luna, and Micheal. We find a door, but it was locked. “Anyone know how to unlock doors?”

Luna raises her hand slowly. “I don’t know how to really, but there’s a blacksmithing camp I attended when I was in 6th grade. Maybe now it can go to some use.” Kat nods and steps away from the door and says, “It’s your spotlight time.” Luna pads over and took out her hair pin. I whisper to Blair, “Well, her fashion is actually being put to use, finally.” She nods and continues watching Luna.

Luna finally picks it open and pushes the door, revealing an empty room with only a computer in sight. I push my way to the computer and pull up a seat. “Let me do this, I know how to hack.” I say to everyone in my patrol. I set my hands carefully on the smooth keys and Kat takes the mouse. I sense pairs of anxious eyes, burning into my back that I flinch a little. I begin to hack.

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