Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 10
Abnormal Activities

Collaboration with @tofu_

Part 10 horror stories

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Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 10

Nico’s POV I see a group of girls getting ready to go somewhere. And before you ask me what am I doing spying on a bunch of girls, I was camping nearby. I heard something, assumed it was killers or survivors and went to check it out. I wanted to be safe you know. The girls look at one another and the one with the phone and

headphones say, “We were going to go to the convenience store to get more food for our team, but I guess not, since you’re stopping us.” She shrugs. Oops. “Ah no don’t stop because of me, I just wanted to know if you were killers or not,” I say, ashamed. “It’s okay, this is Lilith,” headphone girl waves, “and Blair,” short girl grins. “I’m

Luna,” she sticks out her hand and I shake it. “I’m Nico, and you are the most human interaction I have ever gotten,” I say.

Naomi’s POV I hear people talking. It sounds like... a guy? It doesn’t sound like Kai or Micheal. I don’t think Drew sounds like that either. I gradually open my eyes, and see Blair, Luna and Lilith talking to a guy I do not recognize. He seems friendly right now. I pretend to be just waking up, and the guy seems startled.

Luna introduces us and he seems less tense. He seems nice enough. I hope he isn’t secretly one of the killers.

Congratulations to @vanitysmurf for the name Nico! No new characters for now!

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