Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 8
Abnormal Activities

Collaboration with @tofu_

Part 8 horror stories

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Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 8

Chapter 8

Blair’s POV Blair here. Right now, we are being chased. Everyone is being chased actually, except for Lilith for some reason. Honestly, I’m confused. I don’t want to admit this but, I’m also scared. I came to Casper to turn over a new leaf. Believe it or not, I was a trouble maker when I was young. I rarely had friends.

Just when I met these friendly people, we get attacked by killers. I barely know them, and now we could die.

Micheal’s POV I am far ahead from the others. I knew this was a bad idea. Working together with some people we barely know. When it was just us three, we barely got attacked, just once or twice. Okay, maybe four times. But that’s not a lot! Blair, I think, is behind me and she trips over the curb. I think about helping her, and

compare the pros to the cons. The pros won so I quickly bend down and help her up. “Thanks,” she beams at me. How can she be smiling when we are being chased by a group of killers?

Lilith’s POV I’m that useless, aren’t I. I’m not as strong or brave as Drew and Kai, as resourceful as Luna and Naomi, as fast as Micheal and Blair, or as smart and quick as Kat. I’m not helpful. The team could just leave me here to die. Oh wait! I can’t die from the killers! They think I’m useless too! Haha how great is that.

A group of psychotic killers won’t kill me since I’m basically useless. I just drag the team down. I sit on the sidewalk outside of the blacksmith shop and watch the killers chase my friends. I can’t do anything to help them. I don’t know how to do anything. I pull out my phone and start playing this new game that teaches you how to hack. ‘When am I going to have to hack?’ I think and shrug.

I won’t hack. I can’t. It’s useless to our team. The team doesn’t need me. They won’t even mourn me, right? I didn’t help at all. I drop my phone and walk inside to lay down.

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