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Happy anniversary


We met, our hearts skipped but eyes averted

Every day, dusk or dawn

I'll see you, long you, but never call you

We started talking, playing and mingling

Friend zoned that was what we were

There was beautiful thing hanging in eyes

Telling our hearts' beating in right direction

But mind is to slow to work

We'll meet, speak and go

But when I really went away

When you needed someone to speak

I was there again and so was you

11/04 the day I cherish and hold with pride

You asked me officially, I said yes

Even if we were nothing earlier

This day made us everything

We would talk, fight and reconcile

Waiting was long and so was our talk

The problems were there

But we were too happy to care

Even after all this time

I still am ready to fight for you with you

If it gives me the real you

Happy anniversary

This girl gonna grow into a fine lady one day.

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