True love
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mishtee14 Sour 17 who likes to express words
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Love that doesn't see the time
Love that doesn't mind the flaws
Love that doesn't ask you to change
Love that only loves you unconditionally,
Toh love is true love
And love is always true..

True love

His eyes told me to meet him

His voice never heard tried to reach me

Yet it didn't reach me

I walked through the library

Through the section we meet first

We met, we talked, we promised to meet again

But we never met again

Every day I felt his eyes telling me to wait

But I couldn't forget that date

When we promised, I came again

Only to find him with someone else

Pain shot up today

He was like a trapped ray

In my heart that ached for him


I got late and when I reached library,

What? He's there. Waiting for whom?

When he saw, he reached me

Why? Tell me why you never waited for me? We promised?

I came here everyday

Only not to find you here

I never waited for him to come

Cause I knew he won't

But today when I saw him

I felt so wrong.

It was me who broke the promise

I told him I came the next day

I told him I didn't break the promise

I told him it was him who broke the trust

I asked him why he was with other girl

Oh lord, he said

She's my best friend from childhood

She moved away and after years we met

She came to meet for for a day

Oh lord

I couldn't think of anything else,

I hugged him

He hugged me

I was so stupid

I could have lost him

He then did something unbelievable

He sat on knees and gave me rose

Oh then we were so close

Will you be my girlfriend? He asked

What else I could do

His love made me kiss him

So soft, tender, compassionate and kind

I want to say something, do you mind?

I love you

I was in awe

So I said,

I love you too

"I waster years ignoring him,

Till I realised he also wanted to talk to me."

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