The Red Dress
The Red Dress dress-code stories

mishtee14 Sour 17 who likes to express words
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Red is the heart where the love and hate stays together forever, or maybe by killing each other.

The Red Dress

In the red dress I wait for my date

With the red wine waiting to meet his fate

I'm smiling at the red roses bought by him

And no one can watch my sly smile in the light so dim

I lick the kiss and wink and say Hi

Let's go home and you know why

With the nails to claw and lips with kiss

I know nothing that i could miss

I see him going around

And i am spellbound

In room he's standing with wide eyes

Staring the photos of my dead choice

Sadly his would be there soon

He knows my secret and now red has to bloom

Soon my weapon makes to his heart

He is added to the dead part

It's the red blood flowing that makes me swoon

With that I worship the God moon

He was a piece of art sadly he had to depart

Giving off the red roses back to him

I put on my red rose dress

One more down on the live chess

I wait here for another date

To put him together withh his fate

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