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mishtee14Sour 17 who likes to express words
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A bullied person has a way more strength than a already powered person, cause he/she rose from pain which would heal all their bruises.

New year

The pain I dealt with

The curses I lived with

you will see

I will come back to you

Not as a weak girl

Whom you bullied

But as a fighter

Whom you couldn't tame

I remember the days

When you threw me out of cafe

I remember the days

When you made me starve

I will come back

And oh you will see

A girl in awe

You'll be the one to invite me

You will ask to to eat

You will try to please me

Because when I will come back

I would no more be a weak girl

I will hold power, more than you can ever have

You made me cry on road

You trapped me between racing bikes

You dared me to stand

You dared me to speak

Now I take your dares

oh I will come back to you

And you will see

The bikes would be my pets

The racing would be my game

I'll dare you to race with me

And I promise

You won't even take the dare

Cause you would know

The girl whom you dared is now way more dangerous than a beast

And you would realise

A scratched beauty is burning coal

And I promise you won't even dare to step a foot on it

I will come back to you

Only to make you see

A survivor

Who would hold the power

To dump you

To bully you

To make you starve

To kill you

But I promise I wouldn't do anything like this

Because I am not you

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