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mishtee14 Sour 17 who likes to express words
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I wish i could write your story but I know that can't be captured by pen. So live your story and write it on your OWN. Happy Birthday

I wish

The stars shining bright in sky

And all the hiddens that are shy

I wish they all bright high for you tonight

And takes your own light to great height.

I wish that light reaches a dark island

Where there's no tress, no plant, only sand

Then you'll see what a power you hold within

When in the island life will begin.

The sky covering us all around

Will make an impact strong and profound

Then you'll see what the place that you have to reach

Is beyond sky somewhere in silver lining beach

Beach, where a new world starts waiting for you to make it shine,

Waiting for you to say, "that's mine."

I wish that sound echos in all direction

That's how reality comes out from fiction.

I wish you a remarkable birthday

And I wish do you everything you may

I wish the moon will tell your tale

Till then you have got us to sail.

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