Fate Of Dark Black Night
Fate Of Dark Black Night stories

mishtee14 Sour 17 who likes to express words
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Domestic violence. It silences everything with the screams of victim. We can't even imagine the life where we don't feel safe in our own house that obviously isn't a home. Speak against domestic violence. Help the victims if you can. Because domestic violence is way more brutal than murder, it traps you between easy death and harsh life.

Fate Of Dark Black Night

I remember the dark black night

When I experienced the worst fight

It was no one's fault but of my other half

Whom I can't call my better half

He beats me every time

How can I say he's mine

He has the right to shape me

He has the right to rape me

Last night I remember

He was beating my son

My son chose not to stand but to run

I remember his eyes were red

He would comeback, that's what he said

He would come back for me

What could I have done except to see

How helpless I was

How heartless he was

He stood with belt in his hand

With cruel eyes there he stand

He turned to me

And there my anxiousness grew

With belt he made my whole body red

And then scornfully he slept on bed

Deadly silence was screaming in my ears

My face went wet with tears

What else I could have done

That night I also chose to run

At intersection I stopped and thought where could I go

Ways were becoming invisible in a row

Whole world seemed like I big black hole

I had lost everything even my sole

Tired I went back and found him awake

But my body didn't start to shake

I felt I was empty inside

In me then nothing reside

Not even my heart and not even my mind

And then I closed the doors behind.

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