|Who's There?
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mise_n_abyme Subtlety is nature's dessert.
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All that glitters isn't always gold; that's okay, gold is over-rated anyways.

|Who's There?

What is feeling? What is sensations? What is pain from one's temptations?

What is love? What is life? What is that which prevents us from flight?

What is cold? What is numb? What is that which hides in the shadows of the higher sum?

What is agony? What is grief? What is the greatest burden left by a thief?

What is restlessness? What is hatred? What becomes of love left murky and wasted?

What heals time? What becomes disempowered? What monster would leave the light you shine devoured?

What awakes?

What will sleep?

Unrequited love is a price too steep.

I just want you to know that things WILL get better, if it weren't for the hard times, then we wouldn't know what the good times look like. Know that some things happen for the best, the most important thing is to not blame yourself; nor try to blame the one which hurt you. It is hard, I know. Take all the time you need, then accept it deeply into your heart. Nurture this feeling like your own. Realize...

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