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mise_n_abyme Subtlety is nature's dessert.
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Silence sings the song of life.

|The Elder Child

The lofty night sky seems to stir unanswered thoughts through dabs of a gentle breeze.

it becomes the lingering of innocence shedding away the canopy of leaves from the primordial trees.

It serenades the moonlight with a composition; casting guiding light of shadows towards its transition.

For Its crescendo begins to fiddle the strings of a riddle, the sky hails down a leaden rain.

It now surrounds hallowed grounds with spoken sounds of grace.

As the rain comes to a simmer the child begins to unwither:

"But if It is the One Thing raised to gain; if it shrouds around under a majestic reign, then what brings forth its pleasure from its own pain?"

Silence encompassed the sky as the Elder studied the distance:

"My child: take heed of your suspicions, if it's to ripple upon your puddle; let it be mentioned of a suspicion so subtle..."

"..Within our caress the crevice of our skin continues to crease, but for you my child, to look beyond Its Golden Fleece; you may know: "we shall truly never cease."

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