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mischiefmanaged I'm overly gay and just CHOCOLATE
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Part two of my modern Marauders AU, Blood Stained. (Trigger warningggg!)

Hey guys! Sorry for the short post, I didn't get much time to work on it. Enjoy part 2!

Blood Stained

When lily Potter opened the door, she most definitely did not expect blood.


‟Er- hello lily...‟

‟Remus... what the hell...?‟

He looked down ashamed, blood stained his wrists and sleeves. ‟I-‟ she cut him off, ‟You've been cutting...‟

‟Lily please you can't tell anyone!‟ He was pleading with her, eyes wide and terror-filled.

‟I won't, but promise me you won't do this again.‟

‟I-‟ he hesitated, looking worried. ‟I can't promise that.‟

‟Remus-‟ It was his turn to cut her off. ‟No. I can't promise that, but I will try.‟

She sighed, ‟Let's get you cleaned up.‟ She took his arm and led him through the small, sparsely furnished flat, tugging him towards the bathroom.

Lily was careful not to hurt him as she wiped away the blood and took off his shirt, inspecting his arms more closely.

Now that she could see his chest, she noticed that he had scars all over him.

‟Remus...‟ she began carefully, ‟How long have you been doing this?‟ She looked into his eyes, which had sobered since the question had been asked.

He then spoke four words that would haunt her for the rest of her life,

‟I didn't do that.‟

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