Another Morning Comes
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Tokyo has regressed to the days of neon lights and signboards, where the sun has not risen in the past 3 years. For best experience, read this with your favorite Lo-fi study music :)

Another Morning Comes

Title: Yet Another Morning Comes (Script for a Visual Novel)


Sometime in the not-so-distant future, where the landscape of Tokyo has regressed to the days of neon lights and signboards. In the distance, the song Plastic Love faintly echoes.

The streets of Shibuya have fallen into a state of eternal darkness, where the sun has never risen for the past 3 years,

and the still half-moon and never-setting stars are the only objects lighting the night sky. Nobody knows why.

In this Visual Novel, we explore the life of our protagonist, Tatsumi. He is a college student who hasn't been attending classes for months but instead stayed at home watching online lectures.

He wants to work on his thesis but couldn't find any inspiration nor motivation.



Narration: I open my mouth but I cannot scream; hence I hurdle in and weep.

*Fades to black* Cat shrieking sounds in the distant background, a siren growing in crescendo, hitting a climax before dissolving into silence.

-end of prologue-

Title Rolls.

Official Start of gameplay:

Narrator 1: Tatsumi

Due to the recent cat activities near my neighbourhood, I have been waking up ahead of schedule these days. The fact that my apartment is on the second floor of the building doesn't help.

Through the veil of the curtains, the mellow street lights permeate. Two feline creatures skirmishing around on the road; large shadows dance on the white plaster walls of my room.

Checking the time.

It's 8:15. 8:15am.

But it is still dark outside.

Had it been 3 years ago, the streets would have been bright by now.

*Insert the Lofi-fi beat*

3 years seems to be a long time ago. To a 6-year-old, it would be half of his life. To a twelve-year-old, a quarter.

To Ayumi...

"A fifth" I muttered.

Wait, her birthday has passed, so she should be 16 now. I didn't send her anything on her birthday. I am a terrible brother.

I sit on my bed, pondering whether I should attempt returning to sleep.

Soon I find myself in a state of tranquillity, staring blankly at the mercury blue lights of the cityscape in the far distance. They seem to have a hypnotizing effect on me.

Eluding figures whisper in the core of the neon illuminations, and I am whisked away to dreams.

"It's time to get out of bed, shitty Takkun!" A hot breath of moist air carries the voice to my ear.

Strange. There wasn't anyone in the room a while ago.


I begrudgingly turn my head away from the window.

A short-haired girl with a bright, rosy grin is staring directly at me.

Her long eye-lashes are almost touching my face, and her mesmerizing eyes affixed solidly unto mine, seemingly staring at something beyond my iris.

She is clad in a clean linen sailor uniform, befitting of September, and it flutters ever slightly with the movement of the air. Her delicate head resting upon the palms of her hands.

I startled at the proximity of her face. She smells nice.

"They are at it again, huh." She gazes out the window.

"What? Oh right..."

The cats.

"They have been fighting ever since the new female moved here. What to do?" She let out of a soft sigh.

"I have no idea, that's just their animalistic nature I suppose," I remarked, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Humans are just the same too, aren't they?"

"What do you mean? We are not animals."

"Not all the time, of course. But jealousy can be a strong emotion, no?"

I made no reply.

She tilts her head to a side, shifting her vision back to me.

"I have a hypothesis."

She pauses for my reaction, yet I sit motionlessly.

"The main characteristic that truly separates humans from animals is not their intelligence; it's the ability to resist impulses."


"That's right. Impulses." The short-haired girl covers her face with the palm of her hands as if playing hide-and-seek, playfully peeking through her fingers.

Her face, palely reflecting the moonlight, radiates with childlike innocence. That mannerism is exactly like that of Ayumi.

She continues.

"Impulses reflect our greatest desires; like the other day, I have to resist the impulse to buy the limited edition Marumaru Bear! I will have no more allowance left..."

As she is rambling on, I realise from my angle that her cleavage is fully visible below the neckline, revealing the underdeveloped breasts curtained by the fibre mesh of the bra.

"Impulses, huh."

"Exactly! It's a good-sounding theory, isn't it?"

"I suppose so, that was smart."

The short-haired girl flushes at my sudden appraisal of her intellectual prowess.

She is evidently taken back, and her silent gasp of surprise turns into a stupid grin as she struggles to compose herself.


Just like Ayumi.

*Lo-fi beat Stops*

The room falls silent. Dust particles wafting through the chill summer air shimmers as stardust. In this particular moment of serenity, the room, the street, the cats and I are part of a whole.

The night has conjoined our shadowy forms into one.


"Say, humans are different from animals because we can resist impulses. Is that right?"

"Huh, yup that's right." She is now resting her head on the bed mattress, her voice muffled by the blanket.

"Then what happens to those who are unable to resist impulses? Are they still human?"

"'s simple, they are no longer humans."

"But they cannot be animals either. Animals do not lie and deceit or kill each other for no particular reasons."

"Erm....hum..." The short-haired girl ponders this over, "that's a tough one."

"If they are not humans, and they are not animals either. There's only one thing left for them to be."

"And what's that?"



Without any warning I wraps my fingers around her neck and pins her against the tatami floor, squeezing as tightly as I could. She resists, thrashing her legs around in violently.

Her fingernails sinks into the flesh of my wrists and warm blood oozes out, dripping onto her small and delicate face,

but all efforts of struggle are futile against the strength and body mass of a twenty-two-year-old adult male.

Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill....

The short-haired girl face contoured and grimaced in excruciating pain. Her face turns redder than a tomato.

I should've closed my eyes.



I release the grip around her throat and sink upon my knees;


The creature who wears Ayumi's appearances lays convulsing on the floor in a coughing feat, heaving breathlessly for air.

I had almost killed her; I could not bring myself to do so, even though I knew it in my heart all along.

Ayumi is dead.

And the monster that had killed her is now acting as her in her place.

No, it is acting as an ideal version of her, a sister I have always wanted Ayumi to be.

The minute hand strikes the clock at 9:00am sharp, and the alarm goes off in its monotonous ringtone. I let it ring.

The cats have dispersed; and the rustling leaves accompanied by the chilling wind, which blew the curtains open, sway and swing lazily.

Moonlight floods my room, casting shadows everywhere.

The girl casts no shadows.

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