Climbing Out of The Pit
Climbing Out of The Pit free stories

mirismerling A collection of my work
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Getting through hurt, loss, difficulty or confusion can be some of the hardest pain one can feel, but there is always light that will guide you out.

Climbing Out of The Pit

Peering out from the depths of the pit

Halfway up, grasping the sides so not to fall

Hurt and fears echo from below

Covering my ears as I pull myself higher

Up and up and up

Yet still surrounded by the crumbling dirt

Awaiting free moments laying in the sand

Free of worries, thoughts of him

Just want to be present

Watch the waves, hear the laughter

And I smile

Knowing there will be an end to all of this

I see the blue skies and I know the color will return

I know days will arrive in which this climb will be a story

One I'll look back on and be glad I kept going

Be glad that I could pull myself out with own two hands

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