An Ideal World
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A poem/rap about an ideal world - inspired by imagine

An Ideal World

An ideal world

where money didn't dictate your plans

and countries wouldn't have entry bans

where beauty couldn't be defined by a plastic surgeon

and the history of your life wasn't shown to everyone

What happened to the natural, the unknown, the mystery?

We have the cures for health and happiness, and still choose misery

In an ideal world

We'd still know how to talk

We'd face our fears, or let them go, instead of Facebook stalk

our pictures would have no filters and frames

We'd be on the search for meaning not fame

and the endless matches we wouldn't swipe

Because we'd give changes to those who aren't our type

In an ideal world

We'd put down our guns

We'd stop the blaming and the shaming, accept everyone

We'd get pleasure from the small things

No need for drugs or drinking, pills to change our thinking

A world that wasn't so polluted by plastic and waste

Where worth wasn't defined by ideologies or race

Where we wouldn't walk around with our faces in devices

It's clear we need something better than what this life is

and although this ideal world feels somewhat out of reach

Just need to give our best, practice what we preach

And be the good and promise that's lacking from this world

And always keep on going until our voice is heard

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