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miriammacdonald author of Who Will Love the Crow
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poetryslam: A poem about how we create our world


by miriammacdonald

I thought I saw you passing by going the other way

It made me happy even though we could not stop to talk or touch It made me happy to think my eyes had fallen on you

Yet I could think of you any day and not speak or touch

and that would make me sad

What is it about seeing?

How is it the sight of you could lift my heart?

I realized then we are the creators we are the dreamers

roads are unrolled before our eyes like red carpet

an entire countryside falls down before us like theatre curtains

When we sleep, all ends The night is void and vacuum

and everyone we may never see again might as well be dead and dust

When our eyes are closed there is nothing.

When we open our eyes the sky is painted blue

When we blink it is repainted and the clouds have moved

We are the dreamers

Each day begins as we create the movement of our sleepy selves

We are the creators

Mountains rise moments before we know we want them

Rivers spring to life and find the ocean we move toward

We think to life the hummingbird We blink and a black tailed squirrel has been born

a flower blooms

Let’s call to life the dolphins and the whales

in a world that will not kill them

Let’s breathe a breeze that carries salt and coolness

Let’s dream wolves running and lilac trees that forever scent the air and never wither

Let’s see you in a car passing

on the road that unfurled before me like butcher’s paper

And let’s stop and say hello

and touch

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