6 Slides about Miriam Dunn
6 Slides about Miriam Dunn  stories

miriammacdonaldauthor of Who Will Love the Crow
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6 Slides about Miriam Dunn

by miriammacdonald

Cape Breton Island

on Canada's east coast

My newly released book of poetry

Who Will Love the Crow

Beauty everywhere

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Growing up here was interesting because it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, sea shores, woodlands and highlands abound..

In my spare time I crochet, sing, play piano, paint, sew

I love to create, whether with my hands, my voice or my words

My proudest moment was when

my book "Who Will Love the Crow" was published, June 2016 by Winter Goose Publishing.

Now, I am a substitute teacher and writer.

I teach all grade levels and subjects from first to adult high school.

I'm looking forward to a future filled with more words! .

I'm excited about this because writing fills my soul.

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