When I Took My First Breath:
When I Took My First Breath: button poetry stories

miriamelvira Community member
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about struggling with the toxic love I had for myself

When I Took My First Breath:

The one after the one he lets me go for,

I promise this time I'm new.

Japan and heartbreak are far away and

I let him go for this new,

I promise him.

This time I'm new.

And she cut her hair and let him go

while mine grew to my waist

he holds me and I catch him and,

He has no promise,

but a list of everything I should do

Because I am new.

I run on her clock

and he counts her pace on my ticking hands

and he has her place for me to land and

I do not send him to Japan or depression or

blame him for my long hair

or an old corruption.

But he smokes and paints cigarettes

to create art with broken lungs,

And I realize I am nobody's breath of fresh air.

I am the one I let him go for.

I promise myself.

This time I'm new.

And the air feels so good.

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