Why I Broke all my Heels
Why I Broke all my Heels feminism stories

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This is a poem about expectations that are not true extensions of womanhood, but definitions of it

My poetry insta account is linked if anyone is interested in reading more of my work :))

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Why I Broke all my Heels

By selfishness, I look out of love By selfishness, I do not turn my face away When struck or beaten.

Forever muzzled at all times Torn to shreds and tamed I swallow every sharp word that lands on my tongue

Because that is what my body had always stood for

By selfishness, I choose to not place my genes in that cauldron of motherhood Because I do not see any hybrids And I see no future

But that doesn't matter because that is what my body must stand for

Because as far as glossaries go, I am nothing but a definition Another broken gear in a machine

Unwelcoming bodies are selfish They are greedy and rapacious

Because I'm obviously bound to get lonely in a big empty house Nothing but a dusty unappealing front door Locked and sealed with my own expectations

No invitations, no welcome mats, nothing but an empty front porch What good is a house if not for its owner Reckless, abandoned

A good for nothing home

A Useless pile of wood

A useless batch of space

A useless heap of flesh

A useless woman

A good for nothing useless woman...

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