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mirandaside ~It’ll be okay (;
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why do i feel so trapped? trapped in thought trapped in emotion trapped inside

i feel as if there’s no way out my thoughts and desires- trapped my hopes and dreams- trapped

i feel as if my tears are the only thing i’m able to set free ...slowly they fall but as soon as they fall, i start to fall

it all begins to feel so heavy drowning in tears drowning in thought drowning in emotions drowning in sorrow drowning in pain drowning in fear... in fear of what might happen next

i wish i could find a way out i wish i could stop all pain, the suffering and the sadness i wish i could find a way to be free... free from all the negativity

so i lift my head up wipe my tears away and stare at my ceiling... my blank ceiling... full of nothingness but in that nothingness, there is something...

something that can help me to be free from all this negativity... and that is hope...

hope for a better tomorrow hope for a better future hope for a better state of mind

i slowly feel the weight being lifted off of my shoulders... and begin to not feel so trapped anymore why?

because it is hope that opens up new sets of possibilities for us... hope for a better change (:

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