Just Breathe ~~~~~~~~~~

Just  Breathe

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mirandaside ~It’ll be okay (;
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Just breathe...

Just Breathe ~~~~~~~~~~

Have you ever felt like the walls were coming down on you? Have you ever felt like nothing was expected it would be?

Have you lost all hope at some point of your life and just wondered... just wondered... am I even worth it?

As a matter of fact, you ask yourself... is it worth it?

The walls keep crashing and tumbling and breaking and ruining everything that you thought you had hoped for. But then there’s that word... “thought.”

... you “thought” you had hoped for. And then, you just take a moment of silence, close your eyes... and just breathe.

And then you realize, those walls came down for a reason... it wasn’t meant for destruction nor chaos nor sadness ... why?

They were meant to build you back up... to make you stronger... to make you wiser... to make known that there is something better for you out there... a better hope.

All the hope that you felt you had lost made its way back to you but in a better and newer version of the future... ... and all you had to do was just breathe (;

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