Blind Teeth
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mirandafeathers Community member
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Our teeth no longer see. Our teeth no longer breathe.

Blind Teeth

I watch your lips bend the syllables of the words you are speaking. Making way for the noise to enter our space. Allowing the peaks of your teeth to come up for air.

To witness what is between us.

The low light is what seems to be the only other thing in the room. Our bodies entangled. Light enveloping us.

I lay facing you.

Eye to eye.

Mouth to mouth.

Heart to heart.

We don't have to say much to know what is being said. Our hands touching will tell the universal stories.

I don't want the way your hair falls in front of your face

to end.

I don't want the way you look back at me and focus as if whatever you were just seeing did not matter

to end.

I don't want this light with us to end.

Now all I have of you is hurt.

You are no longer the light in my life but the shadow in my heart.

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