The Tightened Hold
The Tightened Hold charmingcontest stories

mirablack Live life and have fun!
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Just a little something, its not that good though.

The Tightened Hold

Your hand tightens around my own, Stopping me from going where I belong.

Your words cut through me, Like a jagged knife, I can't speak.... ....You've got me trapped tight.

I've fallen into the misty void, Nobody to save me, I've been left here alone.

Just you and me, And our 'bond', I don't know when you're going to let me go.

I might just stay a little more, It's tempting that's for sure.

Nights go by and I'm still here, Maybe this is love for sure.

Then I remember, Your not the one So I guess it might just be time, To say we're done.

We said are goodbyes yesterday, Now I must face life, Without your love.

However.... ....There is one thing, That I still hold on too... And that's your......


Holding on to, My hand and my heart.

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