Love Is Fake
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I don't believe in love...and I never will

Love Is Fake

I don't believe in love,

I never have and never will.

There was a time I did,

When my life was full of Disney.

But now that I'm older,

I see love for what it is,

A hoax to give hope,

To us vulnerable souls.

I don't want to get married,

I can't even date.

I'll live the single life,

No matter what people say.

My mum wants grandchildren,

So to that I will say,

"You have my siblings for that,"

Go pester them too.

I've watched my parents fight,

My mum was close to tears,

I vowed that wouldn't be me,

So I'll stay true to that.

But till I die I'll shout,

That love is fake,

Unless there's someone,

Who can help change my mind.

Until then,

Love Is Fake

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