Who Can I Be?
Who Can I Be? self control stories
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mirabinx They/them. I’m just a smol song-writer.
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WOW. Okay, that was not my best, and you may not understand it, but there was some deep meaning behind that. XD

Who Can I Be?

“Give it up already.”

Her words echoed through my head. I had to give in. I let out a sigh. “I give up,” I told him.

“Wait, no! That’s not you. The you I know would never give up like this.”

“Isn’t that what they wanted me to do?” I asked, heaving out a sigh.

“At least, that’s what she wanted.”

“She? What does she have to do with this! You don’t have to give up on him.”

“She’s my mother, I can’t disobey her.”

“He’s your responsibility, though; and you still have time!”

“My time is over! His time is over. I’ve made up my mind. He can’t stay and put the others in danger.”

“If you’re giving up on him, I’ll take care of him myself.”

I hadn’t wanted to. Her voice kept ringing through my head. I’d never make it. Maybe if I just had a mind of my own. No one to tell me who I am, or what I do. In that moment, I knew.

“No. I will. I can take care of him. I promise.”

“For a second I thought you’d lost the light in your eyes,” he smiled and took my hand.

I will never let someone decide for me. Only I know what’s best. I am the voice of this world in this moment. The world abides by my command. Not because I am powerful, or recognize; but because I know what’s best for me, and I can take my own life back.

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