Wizardlock sherlock and harry potter stories

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Sherlock at Hogwarts, a mix of my two fav things Sherlock and harry potter. Hope you enjoy my first attempt at fan fiction.


Chapter 1-The blonde boy

If you had met him you would of said he was a odd child, pale and calculating his eyes seemed to show years beyond his ages.

He stood out from all the other buzzing children as he stood on the platform letting his mother coddle him. “I’m so proud! My boy at Hogwarts,” She beamed.

Sherlock seemed not to have heard his mother, he looked around the platform searching through the crowds “where’s Mycroft? He should be here.

” “I expect he’s already on the train Shep.” “Sherlock...

” “What?

” “It’s Sherlock not Shep, you gave me my name use it.

” “I am your mother Sherlock I am entitled to call you Shep. Now you better be getting onto that train.

” Mrs Holmes sighed and after a second thought yelled at the back of his dark head disappearing into the crowd “and remember send an owl every day.”

“Oh I’m sorry,” Said a blonde boy apologetically.

The boy had knocked into Sherlock spilling the contents of his carefully packed trunk everywhere, he stooped and began picking everything up thrusting it back into the trunk.

“Hey why'd you have so many newspapers?” “Just to...um...read.

Thank you I can do the rest,” Sherlock said snatching the stack of newspapers out the boys hands.

Sitting in a compartment alone watching all the other children stream past chatting and joking, then a familiar face caught his eye it was the blonde boy.

The boy poked his head into his compartment “It’s you newspaper boy... um hi I’m John by the way John Watson.” “Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes.” He cocked his head and took in the boy

“Your mother or father?” “What?

” “Which one is a muggle, your mother or father?” “Mother...

wait how did you know?” “It was obvious from your trunk, you see...

” “You can just do that?!” “Um...yeah.” “Cool!”

By this point Sherlock was bright red usually people called him a freak or got angry no-one ever said it was cool!

The boys talked happily for a few minutes, Sherlock was the closest he’s ever been to relaxed with other children.

Then breaking the spell a pudgy boy caught sight of them and yelled “John!” “Mike, Mike Stanford!

Haven’t seen you since the end of barts,” John said incredulous “Sherlock this is Mike we went to school together.” “Oh...

great,” Sherlock said through gritted teeth, he and john had been getting on just fine why did Stanford have to come and ruin it.

“Anyway John come sit with us Alans here too?

” Mike grinned Sherlock’s heart dropped, John torn stood up Mike called out To John who gave Sherlock an apologetic look and followed Mike reluctantly.

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