When Days are Dark
When Days are Dark therapy stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Depression comes in episodes. Now I know that.

When Days are Dark

Depression comes in episodes.

Now I know that.

I know when it starts,

that self care is important.

I know that for me,

an episode is three to four days.

Maybe five.

During those days it’s dark.

I feel like it will never end.

I want to cut and die, desperately.

However, it does end.

Light does return.

I must just hang on.

It’s like a cold, or a flu.

An illness like many others.

I’m seeing that.

So much stigma,

about mental health.

There shouldn’t be.

The brain is an organ.

A complex machine,

with possible imbalances.

I’ve seen this for years.

But therapy helps me feel it.

I have a legitimate illness.

But I am taking it on.

Depression will not win.

I will not allow it to win.

I rely on my dharma.

My duty.

To my family.

To my kids.

To my wife.

I will not leave them.

No matter how it hurts.

For I love them,

and they need me.

I’m no hero.

But I am a father,

and a husband.

I will see my duty through.

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