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mipoet Insomniac
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My walls are under assault by the emotions of the world.


I can sense the emotions of the world around me.

The feelings used to bleed into my insides.

I learned to build walls and keep them out.

But walls must be maintained, and sometimes, rebuilt.

In the world we live in now the effort is exhausting.

From half the people, I detect anxiety and despair.

From the other half, fear and anger.

The oceans of emotion have risen,

and my city is in danger.

Tidal waves smashing against the barriers.

I can no longer read the news,

when truth is under constant assault.

Reading about the lies makes me feel ill.

Reading about the hatred makes me feel worse.

Justifications for violence, dismissals of racism.

Unwillingness to learn, adapt, or evolve.

What is the horror of a society working together?

Were we not taught love and compassion,

for the weakest amongst us?

Greed and selfishness are celebrated,

rewarded, and encouraged,

while love has been all but abandoned.

The feelings aren't mine,

but I feel them all the same.

If I could project my love and make people see,

that there is so much more to be gained,

from working together.

Too many wouldn't listen, minds closed by hate.

It may be too late to save the world,

yet there may be enough time, to save love.

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