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mipoet Insomniac
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Poetry is my voice. It wasn't by my choice.


Poetry is my voice.

It wasn't by my choice.

It was it that chose me.

Beautiful poetry.

A gift I wish to share,

makes me lighter than air.

Cannot do it enough.

Letting out all this stuff.

The pain that is inside,

I let it out with pride.

Will I ever not need?

The urges ever heed?

Something bad I let in.

A time I did not win.

It has me in its grips.

Claws, gashes, and it rips,

into my very core,

and it hurts evermore.

Trying to write away,

the thing that came that day.

I find it does help some.

Don't really know how come.

I do not think I'll stop,

until the day I drop.

Too much inside of here.

Filled with dread and with fear.

Unwinnable. Not lost.

Fighting carries a cost.

I can afford to pay,

make up the toll today.

For as long as I can,

that is my only plan.

It is what I must do,

A battle, each day new.

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