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Two magnificent marbles floating through space, locked in bloodshed.

Venuvia the Wise

Two magnificent marbles floating through space,

one, green with jungle and filled with violent primates, the Varul

The other, blue with ocean, and intelligent amphibians, the Lareth.

They shared a star, and were locked in bloodshed.

A war they didn’t remember the causes of.

Fleets had gone against one another.

Battles raged, in space, the forests, and the sea.

Countless lives, as the millennia long conflict carried on.

Until a primate girl, bound to the ocean world,

she had great powers, and upset the balance,

turned against her own people, the war changed,

the amphibians, with her help, gained the upper hand.

It was said she was touched by a greater being,

that she could open rifts, in time and space,

and summon fire, or water, or more from them.

She was said to be benevolent, and wise, but also fierce.

Her name was Venuvia, and she lost her parents.

It happened when she was very young, a tragedy.

They were taken by her own people, betrayed.

The pain left a permanent mark on her soul.

She was angered by their deaths,

and she used her powers to seek her vengeance,

first, by killing the king of the Varul.

The very man who had her parents killed.

It was said she appeared in his castle,

and drove a sword through his chest,

as he sat alone, on his throne of lies.

Like that she was gone, the Varul left in chaos.

After obtaining her vengeance she wandered.

It had satisfied, but then she felt empty.

She returned to the ocean world,

where she had lived since her parents deaths.

There she discovered, or was discovered,

by a group of loving monks,

they were able to see the torment in her soul,

they were able to help her start to heal.

She then vowed to use her powers for good,

to not focus on her own personal goals,

and to save as many people as she could,

both Varul and Lareth, from the raging battles.

It was she who then brought the war to a halt,

forcing the sides to peace, to peace talks.

As she aged her powers grew immensely.

She was more powerful than both armies.

And now, a millennia later, the peace holds.

The Varul and Lareth live side by side,

on both of their beautiful planets,

and it is all thanks to Venuvia the Wise.

Some say she never died, that she just left,

that she will return, if ever she is needed,

but there is no sign of that happening now,

the peace she brokered seems eternal.

Now both of the peoples, revere her.

They celebrate her life, and pray to her.

They ask that she need not return.

That she may have her peace.

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