Venting sad stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Curse my niavety.


I went to my work for help. Told them I couldn’t stop cutting. Took my knife to my boss and asked her to dispose of it. They put me on leave. Pretended they cared. Encouraged me to get help.

I have done everything they asked of me. They still haven’t processed my ADA paperwork.

They still are “researching” if I can have an emotional support animal even though the prior manager just brought her giant great dane in whenever she felt like it.

Now, because everyone knows that I cut. I was seen with a knife and this two faced snake I work with said it “scared” her.

Just because I’m mentally ill does not automatically mean I’m a danger to others. I find the assumption insulting.

And now, just because this girl is a coward, I’m getting written up for violating the “weapons” policy.

It wasn’t even my knife. Just a kitchen knife that was lying around. But now, because I was honest, because I came forward, I can be punished because my illness makes others uncomfortable.

This is absolutely not right. I would expect this from a private sector employer but to be coming from the actual state government I live in and work for.

It’s painful that they so obviously are trying to force me out. My punishment for seeking help.

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