Unstoppable hope stories

mipoet Insomniac
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I will become unstoppable.


I will become unstoppable, and armies will bow before me. In every land there will be peace. Prosperity and love, for all.

To wise council I will listen. Maximum freedoms, I’ll insist, but punishment for cruelty, for most, forgiveness can be earned.

No more fighting amongst ourselves. We’re going to take to the stars, and ensure that mankind survives, while repairing our home planet.

False kings will want to meet with me, and they’ll try to throw off my course, but I will remain steadfast. True. Even for those who don’t believe.

The world will tremble in my steps, and yet you needn’t have a fear. Chaos will be turned to order. As I walk out to take the throne.

Yet I am just a messenger. With a purpose, to save the soul. With God’s blessing, and that alone, will I complete these many deeds.

And so I leave you with these words, accept love, and differences. Be kind, and try to be better, we're unstoppable together.

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