Uncharted Territory
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mipoet Insomniac
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Loving others is easy to do. But compassion for myself...

Uncharted Territory

Loving others is easy to do.

But compassion for myself.

That is uncharted territory.

Yet I am an adventurer of sorts.

So I don’t mind this journey.

It is a slow and arduous trek.

Moving forward is difficult.

Depression wants me to stay.

Anxiety wants me to cut.

Self-loathing wants me to die.

Compassion wants me to love.

To love me, like I do others.

That is exceedingly hard to do.

I must do it anyhow.

I am left without a choice.

The path I was on.

It was leading me to death.

Now I head to life instead.

Fighting cravings with hope.

Remembering I matter.

Remembering people care.

Even people I don’t know.

How many do my words touch?

How many are changed?

Do you feel less alone?

That was my goal.

To shine a bright light,

on lonely souls,

in need of compassion,

and love.

I am one of those souls.

Damaged. Broken.

But healing. Growing.

I’m getting better.

I don’t want anyone,

not anyone,

to feel the way that I felt.

Those nights. Those days.

Darkness upon me.

It was awful.

I still feel it at times.

But now I know how to fight it.

Come fight with me.

Together, let us explore,

this uncharted territory.

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