Tormented Soul
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mipoet Insomniac
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I am a dark tormented soul, ravaged by self doubt.

Tormented Soul

I am a dark tormented soul,

ravaged by self doubt.

I rip myself to shreds,

physically and mentally.

The cuts on my ankles,

how do I explain them to my kids?

I question myself constantly.

I mistrust others and avoid getting too close.

Does anyone out there truly care?

If I died tomorrow would you shed a tear?

Even if you did would it matter?

We are all shadows and dust,

and our deeds will be forgotten by men.

Will the universe remember us?

There I go in to that pit of despair.

The black hole which has hold of me.

Will I ever break free of it?

Expensive therapy seems to help,

but it only does so much.

Medicine fills in a gap,

but there is more that needs filled.

Spirituality is what I need.

To believe in something greater than me.

Many men claim to have the answers.

And I mistrust.

For I have not seen proof.

I have doubts.

I am told to take it on faith.

But I cannot.

Because I do not have this faith.

To say I did would be a lie.

It would insult those who do have it.

So I go on, searching for my truth.

Relying on hope.

For I’ve always had that.

It is my lantern in the darkness.

It is my rock.

Perhaps it is my faith.

But I do not know the answers.

I only have more questions.

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