Too Many, Too Young
Too Many, Too Young death stories

mipoet Insomniac
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A poem about death.

Too Many, Too Young

Too many,

too young,

Gentle souls,

lost to time.

Only memories,

to remain.

But what happens,

when the memories fade?

Or those who hold them die?

They are lost to time too.

The second death.

The tragedy of time.

The cursed beast,

that devours us all.

But too many,

too young.

Those young souls,

who have been lost.

I pray for them.

As I pray for all.

As I hope,

I will be prayed for.

If only I could,

I would find a way,

to slay the beast,

and halt his progression.

So that no young soul,

will ever again,

be taken.

But I cannot.

For I do not have the power.

Young souls will perish.

The world is cruel.

Too many,

too young.

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