Hoping to be Heard.

Hoping to be Heard. beautiful stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Something special for my followers. I appreciate you all!

Hoping to be Heard.

This time, I'm trying, something new.

A, special poem, just for you.

Wherever you, are.

Near, or, far.

Love, you, I, do.

I hope, that you, will love me, too.

So, much, in, life, to, see.

I'd, share, it, all, through, poetry.

I've not seen enough,

of nature's beautiful stuff.

One day, I'll have, power.

My words, will, come, in a shower.

With tales of where I've been,

and, all, the, things, I've, seen.

Through, words, I, will give, away,

The, beautiful, things, I, see, each, day.

It's, my, favorite, thing, to, do.

for you. and, for me, I do it,

Carefully, picking, each, word.

Just a hobby poet, hoping, to be heard.

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