The Necromancer
The Necromancer blood stories

mipoet Insomniac
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A dark fantasy poem.

The Necromancer

They were coming to kill him, for they did not understand, all that he had been doing, it was not what he had planned.

When they learned of his intent, that’s when they cast him away, and told him not to return, ever, no matter the day.

So he went off somewhere else, with his magic scrolls in tow, privacy to do his work, nobody needed to know.

Trying to bring back corpses, to save a loved one he’d lost, the taboo didn’t matter, he cared not about the cost.

He thought they wouldn’t find him, and that they would leave him be, he was so blinded by grief, that his eyes, they could not see.

Abominations around, failure, blood and lots of gore. Time to do experiments, he just needed so much more.

They’d found what he was doing, they surrounded his tower, so many able mages, and so very much power.

They yelled for him to come out, but he simply couldn’t stop. he brought back several corpses, and then raced up to the top.

Here was where her body lay, he was so filled up with fear, as he said the magic words, both his eyes started to tear.

The spell he spoke didn’t work, it was so much to his ire, while down below his creatures, shrieked in a blazing hot fire.

Soon enough it came upstairs. He knew he was out of time, about to pay with his life, for his dark grief stricken crime.

He took her into his arms, let go, and began to cry, and so on that winter night, it was then his time to die.

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