The Masochist
The Masochist poem stories

mipoet In love with hating myself.
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A poetic warning of masochism.

The Masochist

Pain is always with us.

Some just can't ignore it.

Either it makes us agonize.

Or it gives us ecstacy.

Oh the depths of pain.

The masochist understands this.

Pain to relieve pain.

The masochist is me,

and many of you.

Others are not a part,

of our exclusive club.

They do not understand,

pain the way we do.

God bless those who try.

But to understand the masochist,

you must be the masochist.

And I'd encourage no one,

to take that path.

For it is the sin of the apple.

A knowledge,

that can never be forgotten.

Pray for the masochist.

Offer your love.

But do not follow their path,

for you know not what you do.

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