The Hunt
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mipoet Insomniac
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A short thriller.

The Hunt

His internal clock was flawless. Handy when avoiding the sun. He arose with a perfect rhythm, as the last crack of light disappeared behind the horizon. Slowly, he set about his evening routine.

He started with the hair, combing out the knots so it fell straight. It was long and black. Covering his eyes if he allowed it. But he kept it tied back. He had no facial hair.

Only a pale gaunt face, yellowing pointed teeth, and a reddish hue to his eyes the gave him a supernatural appearance.

He showered and dressed. A jogging suit. Solid black.

He would leave the house once it was completely dark. Walking carefully out onto the street. Not his neighbors, that wouldn’t do, it would draw too much attention. He’d begin by jogging.

People would think it an odd time to jog, but that was all. They wouldn’t notice that his energy reserves never ran dry and that his flesh was cold to the touch.

The jog would take him miles away, to an abandoned industrial district. Here is where it would begin. He would taste the air. Scenting blood. He would follow the scent.

Usually he’d find a homeless person or transient. But tonight was different. Tonight he had a specific victim in mind. Someone who had deeply wronged him.

He pushed the thought away, preferring instead to focus on the task at hand.

Hours went by before he picked up the trail. It led him to a dark alleyway, with a lone open garage door. Inside two men argued about money. One was his intended target.

He listened, his superior hearing picking up the words through raindrops that had just begun falling.

“Fuck you asshole!” The other man.

“That was the god damned deal!!” The one who had wronged him was scared but hiding it well.

He cared little for either man. They were just blood to him, and so he made his approach, silently.

The arguing carried on for some time until it was interrupted. A cat knocked a metal lid off of a trash can. An enormous cacophony rang out. Both men stopped, startled. He sensed the moment.

Moving with blinding speed he swept around the corning, flying to the other man and snapping his neck in a single smooth motion before grabbing the target.

He held him with his inhuman strength, and hissed words into his ear. Holding him from behind, hIs mouth opened and teeth sank in to flesh. Blood came pouring out.

He sucked the precious red liquid, gulping it down and getting it all across his chin and pointed teeth.

The rain picked up. Heavier and heavier the drops fell, until he stopped. Dropping the body, he moved to the garage door and closed it in a single movement. Soon he would be back home.

In plenty of time to beat the sunrise. No one would be any the wiser.

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