The Ghost
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The man wandered from place to place. A lost soul.

The Ghost

The man wandered from place to place.

A lost soul.

He wandered, for he had nothing else to do.

None could see him.

None could speak with him.

He was but a memory,

fading to time.

Until the boy came.

The boy saw him.

The boy spoke.

"Hey Mister!"

Surely not me,

the man looked behind him,

but no one was there.

"You can see me?"

The boy got a strange look upon his eyes.

"Of course I can see you..."

"But I'm a gh...."

"A ghost of course. Now come play with me."

And the man was happy,

so he went with the boy,

to a deserted playground,

where they played for the day.

"But how..?" the man finally asked.

For he didn't understand.

"I'm the one." Spoke the boy.

"Whom you've waited for."

All these years, the man thought.

All this time alone.

"I don't understand at all."

"That's okay." The boy replied. "Just play."

So the man did as told,

but soon he was tired, and he fell asleep.

He awoke and the boy was gone,

a family had come along.

"Are you okay?"

They asked of the man.

They could see him,

what strangeness was this?

Twice in a day, but he went on his way.

Till he found more people,

and they saw him too.

After all this time,

it was a dream come true.

No longer alone, alive again.

But where was the child,

who'd brought him this gift.

He never saw the boy,

till he died again.

Of old age in his bed,

with family around.

The boy appeared beside him,

not making a sound.

He leaned in close,

"are you ready this time?"

"Yes." Said the man, who had been a ghost.

And his soul left his body,

but it didn't get lost,

for the boy was there,

to guide him along,

and soon he'd find heaven,

was like a beautiful song.

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