The False Bravado
The False Bravado drink stories

mipoet Insomniac
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I don’t drink alcohol. Ever. I used to.

The False Bravado

I don’t drink alcohol. Ever.

I used to.

I used to drink like a fish.

Beer, whiskey, vodka, rum,

you name it.

If it got me drunk I wanted it.

I was a high functioning addict.

I went to work.

Hungover sometimes.

But I was there.

I’d stop,

and start once more.

I’d get sick and throw up,

and think never again.

I didn’t black out until the end.

A screaming fight.

Me screaming.

At my wife.

While she held our infant son.

Slamming a door.

Storming out.

Not my proudest moment.

My son, the older one,


The time his dad was on drugs.

A shameful memory.

Just one of a number of bad decisions,

that I made while drunk.

I’m not perfect.

I use pot.

Sometimes for pain.

Sometimes for fun.

But never alcohol.

Why am I telling you this?

Because alcohol is dangerous.

We do a disservice to kids,

when we say drugs and alcohol.

It implies alcohol is safe.

Alcohol is a drug.

A powerful one.

A deadly one.

Alcohol gives you a lie.

The false bravado.

Where you think you’re tough.

I fell for that lie.

Many times.

Those inhibitions,

that go away,

are there for a reason.

I can’t stop you from drinking.

But I can tell you my story.

Pot isn’t perfect.

But it’s safer.


If you’re like me,

and you can’t quit it all,

just try,

and at least quit,

the alcohol.

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