The Absence of Hope
The Absence of Hope art stories

mipoet Insomniac
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In the short span of days, my future was shattered.

The Absence of Hope

In the short span of days,

my future was shattered,

into a thousand pieces,

all of which were thrown,

far away from me.

With the absence of hope,

darkness encroached.

I was surrounded,

and it left me blinded,

searching for the light.

Anxiety and depression,

so I started cutting,

just to get through the days,

and I didn’t know why,

but it made me feel good.

Soon enough I couldn’t stop.

I was hooked on the pain.

So much that hurt,

inside of my brain.

Blood was a relief.

The scars they grew,

longer and deeper.

Till they couldn’t be hidden.

That was when,

I knew I had a problem.

So I sought help,

and started writing,

to stay my blade,

and protect the flesh,

from my own self loathing.

That brings me to now.

Here in this place.

Where I want to cut.

But I can’t.

And I know it.

A craving it is.

A strong one to fight.

Yet fight it I will.

With all of my might.

For as long as I can.

I intend to win.

So can you.

If you find yourself,

in this fight too.

United we stand.

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