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mipoet Insomniac
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I have wandered off of my path, and now I’m lost in wilderness.


I have wandered off of my path,

and now I’m lost in wilderness,

searching for a trail to lead me.

I don’t know how long this has gone,

or if I’ll find my way again,

the forest I wander is dark.

There are many tricks inside here,

and monsters awaiting mistakes,

they’ll defeat me if I let them.

Now am I going in circles?

I wish that I knew the answer,

the woods all look the same to me.

I still have drive to move forward,

but wonder how long it will last,

I can feel my willpower slip.

Breadcrumbs, lampposts, a trail, a sign,

curse this lost mind that I have got,

I am frustrated, and so tired.

Yet I must continue to walk,

not knowing if I’m progressing,

wondering if there’s a reason.

Questions without any answers,

burning deep inside of my soul,

helpless, hopeless, or maybe not.

I pray that I will find my path,

that this journey will have purpose,

that I can move forward proudly.

Maybe that time will come for me.

Maybe it will come for you too.

I hope that we all find our paths.

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