Resisting sad stories
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mipoet Insomniac
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Writing to resist. Writing to not cut.


Writing to resist.

Writing to not cut.

God it would feel so good.

I want it. I can’t have it.

I know that.

Yet I crave,

and crave some more.

Intense cravings.

With each passing day,

they grow stronger.

But I am trying.

I am really trying.

And I won’t give up.

I won’t give in.

I started this fight,

and I will finish it,

no matter how long it takes.

No more blood for me.

I must find another way.

Tattoo’s will bring relief.

But I must be patient.

I must wait.

I cannot stand it.

I take pride in my fight.

It helps me endure.

A new pride.

Brought out by therapy.

A love for myself.

I must resist.

For it. For me. For us.

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